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    Default Infection After Brain Surgery

    I need some advice regarding my mother. She was diagnosed with a benign meningioma that was on top of the brain. She was referred to someone that is supposed to be the best neursurgeon in the area. The tumor was quite large so surgery was scheduled for Jan 21. After the surgery, she was healing fine, walking and talking, etc. Mid March she woke up and discovered her head was leaking. My father took her to the nuerosurgeon's office. The doctor did not look at her. He had a nurse, and physician assistant look at it, and they indicated she had an ingrown hair that got infected. Gave her antibiotics and sent her on her way. They ok'd her to travel to FL to see me during the first week in April. While in FL, she had a grand mal seizure. She was stabilized, and returned to PA. The neurosurgeon said she an infection in her head. They permanently removed a piece of her skull b/c the infection was in the bone. She had a soft spot for 3 months till the plate was made and swelling went down. They removed a sac of pus from her head, and placed her on Vancoymcin for the infection. She was released from the hospital before she was even stabilized. The home nurse determined she should not have been released from the hospital, and that she was being over dosed on the vancoymicin. The infection is gone, but there is permanent scarring on the brain. She has seizures that have not been controlled by the various anti seizure medicine that she has been taking. She is unable to drive and work due the uncontrolled seizures. On a side note, the hospital where this all took place is where my mother worked. They fired her 3 days before her last surgery to have her plate put in her head.
    Any advice provided would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Infection After Brain Surgery

    Infections are common after surgery and do not, of themselves, establish that malpractice occurred. The point where you would most likely want a medical malpractice lawyer to examine these events is whether there was appropriate care given when your mother initially went to the doctor for treatment of the infection (although the lawyer should review all possible points where malpractice may have occurred).

    As for discharging a patient from the hospital too early, or prescribing too much of an antibiotic, unless it is established that those alleged acts caused harm they will not support a malpractice action. It isn't clear if you are alleging that additional harm resulted from either of those actions.

    Medical malpractice lawyers will give you a free initial consultation, so consider consulting a lawyer.

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