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    Default Drawing a Drawing and Copyright

    I was wondering if it is legal to draw someone elses photo or drawing to sell such as a recent artists work, less than 50 years old, or even a national geographic photograph :arrow: As well as freeze framing a movie and drawing a still image to sell, i don't know much about copyright laws but i would assume both of these things would infring on the coyrights.

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    Default Copying a Drawing or Photo

    Typically, yes. You can create a new original work based upon somebody else's idea, but if your new work is based directly on the original work it would likely be a "derivative work", meaning that both you and the original copyright holder would have a copyright interest in the work. If you wish to go beyond the idea, either make sure that your use of the other copyrighted work falls under fair use, or focus your efforts on materials that have passed into the public domain.

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