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    Angry Consent Requirments for DNA Testing

    I live in Mississippi just over the TN line. My husband of seven years and I are divorcing. We have four boys all one year apart in age. I just found out my husband had DNA testing done on one if not all of the boys. We believe it was just on my last child. We have asked and are waiting on discovery. My last child is developmentally delayed and was born 3 months premature. This child looks so much like his dad they could be twins. It really is spooky to look at them side by side. I feel he is having this testing done to try to get out of taking care of our son. We do not know what he will need in the future nor the extent of care. This accusation was a surprise to all. This has NEVER been a issue or raised question. My question is could he have taken the boys to be tested without my consent? It seems to me if HE is questioning paternity then the mothers consent should be required!!! There have been no questions before but when it comes to him having to support the boys, out of no where this comes.

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    Default Re: Consent Requirments for DNA Testing

    In my opinion he should have discussed this with you. However, it is likely that this was done by cheek swab, which is entirely painless. If paternity is not an issue, paternity will be confirmed.

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