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    Default Car Insurance Fiasco

    To Aaron or anyone else with advice on how to handle my latest car insurance fiasco:

    Well, I finally got insurance. On Jan. 5 I walked into the office of a local agent and they got me an excellent quote for Unitrin/Kemper. I decided to go for it. It was $178 down, and $89 a month, not bad considering my driving record and claims.
    I paid them the $178 in cash right on the spot and they issued me a receipt and gave me insurance cards. The expiration date on the card was 3/5/05, two months. Something to keep in mind as we go along here.
    Imagine my shock and surprise when yesterday I get in the mail from Unitrin a cancellation notice. It is to take effect on 2/3/05, allowing me ONE month of coverage.
    Reason for cancellation(I will copy here exactly what the notice said):
    The motor vehicle record of an insured driver and/or the claim record under your policy does not meet our standards. Therefore, we will not continue your policy. Additional details are shown below. Other companies may have different requirements. (MVR history for John Kromka: 6/22/04, 5/19/03, 7/10/02.)
    Just for your information I have 5 points on my record. My convictions are: 1) Temporary license suspension(Paid a ticket late) 2) Unregistered Motor Vehicle 3) Drove Wrong Direction 4) No Seat Belt 5) Disobeyed Traffic Device
    My CLUE report included: 4 Towing claims over the last 40 months, and one accident with a deer. The deer accident messed up my car to the tune of $750.
    That is the extent of my record.
    So my question is: Why did the agent write up the policy and then two days later(the notice date was 1/7) the company cancels me?? The agent pulled up and showed me my driving record and CLUE reports before offering me the policy.
    Naturally, I am quite upset. I paid $178, a double premium, for 2 months of coverage. They are only giving me one month and then cancelling me.
    I would like to know how best to proceed with this. The first thought that comes to mind is they owe me money. Half of the $178 or $89 for the month they cut me off. Am I correct in this?
    I was also thinking of cancelling the policy myself in the next few days and trying to get more of my money back(they should prorate it). I am not sure what I am going to do, or should do.
    Every other company, and I looked at a LOT, quoted me much higher than Unitrin/Kemper, so unless I get lucky and find one I haven't tried yet, I will be stuck with a higher DP and higher premiums.
    Plus my leasing company will not be too happy to soon get a notice like this saying my insurance will be cancelled on 2/3. I must maintain insurance or be in default of the lease, risking reposession of the vehicle.
    I do not want to deal with the agent further. They should have known my record wouldn't be accepted before offering me the policy. I am going to contact Unitrin directly and try to resolve this(get money back, or some kind of satisfaction).
    Aaron(or others) please help!!! This insurance is driving me crazy. Thank you very much.

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    Default Insurance Refund

    If the $178 was for two months of insurance, and they only gave you one month of coverage, they should refund the amount paid for the second month.

    The agent probably wanted the sale (and commission) and hoped it would go through. You're probably right, that the agent should have known better.

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    Thanks for your reply Aaron. I appreciate it.

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