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    Angry Neighbor is Blocking Access To My Land

    my neighbor crosses my land to get to his field he has no written easement only my permission to cross using an old field road but lately he has had high lifts in there widening the road pushing down trees taking dirt out of my bank to fill low spots in his field ETC. Now he has cleaned out a ditch that runs the length of my field and taken out my culvert and refuses to put a new culvert in. he say's I can cross his culvert but that part of the road is some times under water and I cant always get through the mud to get in to my field and I have no desire to cross his land as I would have no legal easement. I want my access back can I make him replace my sewer? or do I have to use his sewer. Also can I charge him rent for the use of the road to buy a new sewer I am the one paying tax's on it PS. I live in Indiana

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    Default Re: blocking access to my land

    You need to talk to a real estate attorney that can review your deed/plat and the same for the deed/plat of your so called neighbor. If the use was permissive, then you can revoke your permission but this should come from an attorney. You can have the culvert replaced and sue him in small claims for the damage. You will need pictures and a disinterested witness.

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