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    Default Verifying an Inheritance and the Estate's Assets

    Grandma passed away last week. I am one of her grandkids who lived with her and took care of her along with my mom throughout the course of her old age and death. My grandmother made my mom power of attorney and also left the house in my mom's name. My grandmother always told me that she had put 10K in an account for each of us grandkids starting 1988. There are 3 of us. However, my mother claims there is no need to read the will in front of anyone or with a lawyer because there is not much money left. My mom claims she knows nothing about the account my grandmother set up for us grandkids. I know there will be some medical bills and whatnot to be paid but I do know there is 74K that was put into a cd. I know the bills will not exceed 74k and the house is completely paid for. My question is, I know my grandmother did not leave me out with nothing. How do I find out if there is indeed an account for us? or my mom refuses to let me see the will? can my mom end up just keeping the money if there was any for us? If there was something left in the will for me how can I claim it? Is there a way even if something was left for us she can turn around and just refuse to give us anything? can I contact the lawyer who has the original will 2 see if anything was left for me? I know my mom found the will when we were cleaning out the closets is this the original or does a lawyer have a copy? see Iím not sure if that was the only copy or if you have to file a copy with a lawyer or courts so any help with all of this is greatly appreciated. I reside in Cuyahoga county in Ohio as well as my grandmother and the rest of us.

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    Default Re: Verifying an Inheritance and the Estate's Assets

    If mom won't, consult a local lawyer about opening an estate and compelling her to file the will and commence the probate process.

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    Default Re: Verifying an Inheritance and the Estate's Assets

    You certainly should contact the attorney. It is not unusual for someone to destroy a will when they will get a larger share without one. The power of attorney is no longer an issue. It ended at your grandmother's death. You may want to notify the bank that your grandmother has passed. That will prevent your mother from withdrawing the CD untill there is a personal representative named. You do not need an attorney to open probate but be prepared for a war with your mother. Obviously something is going on or she would have let you see the will.

    I am sorry for your loss and also for the actions of your mother.

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    Default Grandmothers will continued

    My grandmother left a will and she had told me that she had set up an account for me with $10000 since 1988 so it has been drawingintrest as well: however, my mother claims there was no mention or she has no knowlege of anything left for me. My grandmother told me about the account and I know she wouldn't lie to me. Now a few things how can I get a copy of the will? i do not know if it was probated or not I do think I know the lawyer who might have a copy. Would I be able to read it, second, if there was money left but no mention of my name am I SOL? and last if I do read the will and see thatthere was inded an account and my name with it how do I go about claiming it? I know that by investigating this I will deff cause issues within the family, but my gma always told me she wanted me to have that money when she passed. I don't want to come of as greedy cause it's not like that. I feel my mom is going to give my share to my bro and sis who also are suppose to have something comming. Someone had mentioned in a reply that I should consult a local lawyer to open an estate and compel her to file? Does this mean that if I said nothing she doesn't have to file? Or will it go though the courts and if indeed there is something for me the court will grant me what was listed in the will? Someone had also mentiond that if in the will my name was on the account or as a beneficiary my mother wouldn't be able to touch that money. So I have no idea where to even start with this. i don't want to ask my mother to see the will as this will cause serrious strain within the family I do however would like to ask perhaps the lawer you might have the copy to see the will. I need help :-( any advice is appreciated. oh if it matters Ilive inCuyahoga county, Ohio same as where my gma lived and I am over 18.

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