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    Question How Many Assets are Needed to File Chapter 13


    I am living in Cincinnati,Ohio and I have incur two civil summons which are
    credit cards possibly garnishment maybe soon. I have appointment with
    approved debt management company on 11/19/07,but I don't think I have
    enough income for my debt ratio. I cannot file for chapter 7 because I did
    that in Baltimore, Maryland in 2001. My income is partime as a teacher aide
    and billing specialist at night. My question is can I file with having only
    car as my only asset that will be paid off 07/08. There is no house but
    an apartment. By the way, Have any one file this chapter 13 on their own
    because legal aid claim this chapter is too complicated considering the
    assest that are involved which I have only one (CAR).

    Please advise !

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: How Many Assets are Needed to File Chapter 13

    You should consult a bankruptcy lawyer - you can probably get a free initial consultation. With no assets and limits on what can be garnished, you may find that even with garnishment you are better off waiting until the eighth anniversary of your prior bankruptcy then pursuing another Chapter 7 discharge.

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