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    Default Joint Title to Vehicle in an Estate

    3 years ago when my Father was still healthy he helped me get a loan for a new vehicle, His credit was better then mine so I got a much lower interest rate with him being on the loan. I have since paid off most of the the vehicle.

    His health has been failing rapidly and im attempting to get his affairs in order. My concern is that since the title of the vehicle is in both our names its possible that when he passes my truck would be subject to dept collectors attempting to recoup losses after his death. He has no estate to divide etc. when he passes there is no insurance or any sort of property to divide among my siblings or I.

    He is in at least 10,000 $ in dept that I know of its possible there is more. I need to know if since his name is also on the title my vehicle will be subject to that credit company or another that I don't know about, if he passes while still in dept.

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Joint Title to Vehicle in an Estate

    He has a half interest in the vehicle. You should pay off the loan and get him to to sell you his portion and get a new ceertificate of title.

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