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    Default Extending the Michigan Statue Of Limitation

    I Had Surgery two years ago and the hospital, surgeon and family doctor made a life threatening mistake. I was on life support for 5 days in Intensive Care Due to a mistake caused by the surgeon. I Also have multiple disfiguring scars from that mistake as well as suffering from Kidney Failure months after the operation. To top things while i was in the ICU i developed pressure wounds also known as "Bed Sores". As a result of the pressure wounds i required the services of a plastic surgeon. To put the nail in the coffin, recenty i had multiple other problems arise requiring even more surgery.

    Needless to say, ive missed countless months of work and still unable to return and i have had to visit hospitals and emergencey rooms to many times to count.

    My Question is, Do i have any legal rights after two years? and do i qualifiy for extending the statue of limitations due to the fact that i recently discovered my case may qualify for Medical Malpratice?

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    Default Re: Extended Michigan Statue Of Limitation

    The discovery rule doesn't extent the statute of limitations when you should have known of a possible injury at the time it occurred. Consult a medical malpractice lawyer ASAP and hope that you haven't waited too long.

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