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    Post Potential Harassing Charge

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California.

    I'm married. My husband and I are separated. He has been dating a psycho woman for a year. She has been making threats to press charges for harrassement (PC 653m I'm suspecting).. or a restrainining order.

    Two weekends ago I called her from a blocked number 3x on Sat., 3x on Sunday to try to part ways. My husband was also down visiting me, he sent an email to her attempting to make her jealous pretending to be another girl (it talked crap, but nothing threatening or violent). She traced this email.. linked up to my IP, she thinks he went to Mexico for the weekend and thinks I wrote this email.

    I tried to call her on Monday to explain the situation and blocked my number. She had some kind of call-unblocker and saw that it was me calling. This just added more fuel to the fire in her view. This woman is dirty and I know she is also working with a crooked cop to try to get information. Maybe have his falsify information to try to slam me?

    I think she wants to file harrassment off of the email and multiple blocked calls.

    What are some suggestions that I can do to have myself in the best position in case she tries to do anything? I've already scheduled a consultation with a defense attorney just in case.

    I greatly appreciate any response.

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    You may want to stop calling her 3 times per day and emailing her. That would be a good start.

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    I have ceased all communication with her as of last Monday after that 1 call.

    Also, I've never emailed her, my husband did.

    She wrote a nasty email back thinking it was me. She also wrote another email a day later saying "cat got ur tongue bit*h?" he created a new email just to send this message. she is a very abusive person. i was planning to file for div. but don't think I should yet. We only remained married so he could have benefits. He and I are on OK terms.

    Also that weekend he was at my apt., his brother, and 2 of my friends all witnessed this.

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