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    Default Nurse Case Managers in Workers Comp Cases

    I was injured at work about six months ago. Was off work for about ten weeks. Now for my follow up appointments there is a case manager at my doctors office. She goes with me to see the doc.

    I have a follow up tomorrow and I know she is gonna do the same thing she did last time. She puts words in my mouth and constantly pushes the doc to make restrictions higher than he wants. Eventually he just does what she says.

    I have heard that technically she does not have to be in there with me. Is this true or do I have no other choice than to have here in the doc room with me ?

    Others have told me to just tell her im going in alone when they come out and get me.

    Any help would be great.

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    Default Re: Nurse Case Managers

    The nurse case manager does not have the right to observe your medical examination or when you are privately discussing your condition with your doctor. The nurse case manager can enter the examination room and speak to the doctor after your exam is complete.

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    Default Re: Nurse Case Managers

    Thanks for the reply. I had my appointment today and she was there again. I allowed her or shall I say she just came back with me again today.

    Today the Doc looked at me again briefly. Then told me there is nothing he can do unless I wanted a elbow replacement. He told me they do not do that sort of thing until a older age like fifty or sixty. Said that those operations are good but you lose so much strength in your elbow.

    Anyways he also said that he would put me on a permnament 20lb restriction. I am worried that work will not be able to accomodate these restrictions. If they cannot accomodate these would I get paid for time off until a certain point.

    One other thing he said is that he will now do a reading whatever that means. I guess I am going to get some sort of payment for my loss of mobility. Does this come as one payment ? How does this work as are they still responsible for the injury if I take the money ?

    I know it is long just wanted to get all the info out there.


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    Default Re: Nurse Case Managers

    Worker's comp settlement rules are different in each state. Some states severely restrict settlement, while others are quite liberal with their rules. Depending upon your state's approach it may be possible to settle all aspects of your claim (e.g., lost capacity, lost wages, retraining) except future medical, although your insurance company may be most interested in settling future medical if it sees that as a potentially significant liability.

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