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    Default Canadian Citizen Marrying an Illegal Alien Who Wants Reentry

    I am a Canadian citizen and my boyfriend is currently in the states.

    His family came to the US when he was about 12. They came under his dad's working visa. They were in the process of applying for green card through dad's work, but the company bankrupted and he could no longer continue the process. At the time my boyfriend was attending university but since he didn't know how the situation was going with regards to his status, he didn't even get a chance to apply for a student visa.

    I think it has been about 4-5 years since they became illegal aliens. He couldn't continue his study, but he managed to run a store, have driver's license, keep bank accounts and pay bills.

    We want to get married. I told him he should come to Canada since it wouldn't be a problem for him to become a legal citizen of Canada by marrying me. His only concern is that he might not be able to re-enter. He has his grandma and immediate family and he wants to be with them if anything were to happen to any of them. What is his chance of going back to visit if he is a legal Canadian citizen? I've been told by some people that it won't be a problem to go back to visit his family if he became Canadian citizen, but want to make sure as well.

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    Default Re: Canadian Citizen Marrying an Illegal Alien Who Wants Reentry

    He should expect that he would not be able to reenter, as his overstay would trigger a ten year period of ineligibility. Being a Canadian citizen won't excuse him from prior U.S. immigration violations.

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