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    Default Property Tax in Virginia, for an Automobile

    I have a bit of a confusing situation.

    I attended College in Virginia as an out-of-state student. During my senior year (2005-2006) I lived in a rental house in the city of Fredericksburg. The street I lived on did NOT require parking permits, but I purchased one anyway (and therefore registered my Maryland vehicle) to be able to park elsewhere. My domicile, car registration, taxes, etc were all still in Maryland.

    I recently looked at my credit report and found a judgement against me from the city of Fredericksburg for $300. I called an found out that in August of 2006 (4 months after I left VA for good) I was REASSESSED a property tax for the year of 2005.

    I never received any correspondence concerning this bill via mail or phone. They told me I never updated my address. I did, however, have my old rental address(which they had on file) forwarded to my home address in Maryland, as well as my car was always registered to my residence in Maryland. I don't understand how these statements did not get to me if they were sent as they claim.

    This is negatively affecting both my credit and I assume my Father's, as we had joint ownership of the vehicle. I looked up the virginia tax code and technically I would not be liable for this tax if I had already paid it elsewhere, however property tax in this regard does not exist in Maryland.

    My question is:

    Is there any way of getting this OFF my credit report either due to the fact that I never had to register my car in the first place, or that I never had any official mailing of the taxes due? I know I can pay it and have the judgment settled, but it will still remain on my report and I'm not sure if that will still negatively affect my credit score.

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    Default Re: Property Tax in Virginia, for an Automobile

    You say there's a court judgment underlying this. You can get a copy of the court file, find out how you were supposedly served, and try to figure out whether you can get the judgment set aside. You can also hire a lawyer to do that, but I expect it will cost more than $300 - and a lot more if you hire the lawyer to actually try to set aside the judgment. If the judgment is set aside you can then defend yourself against the underlying tax assessment.

    If it were me, I would pay the $300, make sure that a satisfaction of judgment was filed with the court, and grudgingly accept that a (paid) judgment would be on my credit report. It's far from perfect, but the cost and time involved in trying to do anything else, to me, wouldn't be worth it.

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