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    Well I spent over an hour typing up this detailed explanation of my question, but it's not here and I haven't the energy to go through all that again. Basically my boyfriend's probation officer is on this big power trip and is intent on tripping him up somehow, revoking his probation, and sending him to jail. She has repeatedly acted in an unprofessional manner...even went as far as to talk about another case and the fact that she'd issued a warrant for the guy's arrest. Her newest thing is she thinks he needs drug and alcohol counseling even though he has passed every weekly UA given to him. She believes he is some sort of Hudini and magically passes them. She is constantly accusing him of buying drugs with his paycheck...the paycheck he doesn't get because he's paying for UA's, classes, and gas to and from all these things and to work. Thankfully he's got a free place to live or he'd be a goner. She told him last week that she wanted somebody to manage his money for him even though he's almost 30 years old because she wants to know where every dime is going...more likely because she wants to know how much room she has to jack up his fines. He's already struggling as it is. She also told him last week that she is supposed to come and visit his job and house once a month and check randomly to make sure he's making curfew...but that it's too much trouble for her to do that so she's going to ask the judge to put an ankle bracelet on him at 11 bucks a day! She knows he can't afford it and she doesn't care...then she can revoke his probation and send him to jail. How can she take his freedom away because she's lazy?! He has been more than compliant with everything she's asked of him. She seems out for blood. If she actually does go to a judge with this, does he have the right to be present or does she even have to notify him that she's doing it? If she gets the order, can my boyfriend get an attorney and appeal it somehow? This will be the last straw if she succeeds. She will have finally jacked up his fines so high that he can't afford them and she'll revoke him. He's beginning to feel hopeless about the situation. I keep trying to encourage him and tell him that it will all work out, but I can't even convince myself that it will be alright.

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    Probation officers don't have time to harass people for no reason. If the probation officer has a bee in her bonnet about your boyfriend, there's probably something your boyfriend hasn't told you.

    If there is truly no cause for him to be on a tether, should the probation officer propose that he (or he and his lawyer) can oppose her request with the sentencing court. He should get a lawyer before the hearing, as to hire a lawyer after losing will probably be both more costly and far less effective.

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    I do beg to differ on this one, I was on probation down in Florida and they switch up your po every couple of months and I did fine for the first 8 months I was on probation but then I go a new po who called my phone every other day telling me that he was going to find a reason to violate me and there was absolutely nothing I could do about because i tried getting switched to another po but there the probation office said I couldn't do that. There was absolutely nothing I could do and except not do anything wrong, pass every ua and pay my fines. It is like this, you are the criminal and they are the ones holding your life in there hands and if you don't do everything by their book you will be in trouble. Probation officers just look at you as job security they don't care if you do good or bad, but they love to try and mess with your mind. Just tell him to do everything he can Right and record any conversations he has with her and save any voice mails she leaves and don't delete any emails from her. Make sure that he starts getting everything she tells him in writing so that if she tried to add more time or do anything else to him and he go before a judge and have proof of what she previously said to him. Tell him to get a lawyer!!!

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