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    Default Possession Ticket on Park Police Road

    Hi All,
    I'm a 20 year old male. No prior offenses.
    Earlier today I was pulled over due to speeding. At that time the officer was able to smell the marijuana in my car. So when it was all said and done, I was arrested and taken back to the station, finger printed and then given two tickets. The one Iím worried about is the ticket for possession of marijuana. Its offense charge is 2.35(b)(2)...according to the officer, I have the option of paying the $100 fine without having to face a judge or court. If this is true I would def like some verification on that. Hopefully I can get a response soon, thanks for all who'll help.

    It would help if I also provided the location, which was while driving through a national park in Maryland. I was arrested by Park Police.

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    Default Re: Possession Ticket on Park Police Road

    I have no reason to question what you were told. But this is a federal drug offense, and there could be other ramifications such as ineligibility for student aid, so I would suggest consulting a criminal defense lawyer before you plead guilty by mail.

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