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    Unhappy Removing a Roommate From a Lease

    I am a student at the University of Wisconsin and have a lease with 3 other students that doesn't expire until August 14, 2008. Two other roommates and myself get along, but the 3rd has been very difficult to live with. We talked to the University and showed them some of the emails he has wrote us (there is no longer a lot of face to face communication with this individual). They suggested he may have a psychological disorder.

    So my question is, do we have any options to remove him from the lease or get out of the lease ourselves without a great financial burden? We offered to pay his portion of the rent if he would like to move out, but he refused. We have looked at other apartments but can't afford paying for two places. Can anyone provide us with some advice to get ourselves out of this situation?

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    Default Seeing "eye to eye"...


    In attempt to offer you some sort of resolution, although I'm not too up too speed on the laws and/or regulations of Wisconsin, I can almost assure you that any relief that you receive from this will most likely come at the hands of your landlord.

    Typically, events such as these are reversed and as opposed to it being 3 - 1, it's normally 1 - 3. Having said that I'm doubting that it would work for you all to take refuge in locating another person to fill the 4th person's void, due to laws requiring that person to physically sign themselves off of the lease agreement that binds you all currently.

    Although your University has viewed the e-mail printouts, chances remain slim to none that this is going to veto your unwanted roommate from the lease without some sort of proof that their is negligence in his/her paying the rent in a time efficient manner, etc. Translation: No one is going to "get the boot" merely because you all can't see eye to eye on things.

    If anything, you should contact your landlord, warden or whomever is deemed as being responsible for situations such as these, and might I recommend that in the future you (and your roommates) consider researching one's behavior patterns a bit more efficiently before signing any sort of legally proficient documentation as to prevent any more occurrences of this sort?

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    Default Re: Removing a Roommate From a Lease

    Thanks for the advice, however I think we are stuck. The landlord said they couldn't do anything as long as rent was being paid and there were no damages ot the property. And seeing as this guy is very difficult to reason with, we were looking for a legal issue to try to get out of this situation. (We offered to pay his rent if he would leave, but he refused to.)

    I have lived with this guy before and there were no problems at all, it has just been for the school year that his behavior has changed, leading us (myself and my 2 roommates) and the advisor at the University that he may be dealing with a mental illness. But once again, they cannot do anything unless there is physical harm being done.

    Thanks for responding, however, I think we will end up just biting the bullet and trying to find a way to rent two places.

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