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    Default Company Refusing to Accept Recalled Merchandise

    Preface: Pardon the superflous subject line. I should have typed: 'Illegal/Dangerous business practices'

    Hi, I'm from Washington state and I have questions about a potentially illegal and definitely dangerous business practice.

    I just talked to what was apparently a high-up Nike corporate person on the phone about this very issue. The issue being that Nike is refusing to accept some of their recalled shoes from me, and...he wasn't helpful in any regard (he was quite dismissive actually) about this situation. Here is info about the recall:

    The shoes in question have metal parts (encased inside a rubber sheath on the heel of the shoe) which have caused injuries in the past, hence the recall. I am a shoe collector/trader/designer, and I come across odd shoes from time to time. I have sent these specific recalled shoes to Nike before, (a handful of times over the years) and in return they sent a product voucher which can be used on

    My question is, isn't it highly illegal for them to refuse to accept a dangerous recalled item? I feel VERY insulted right now because Nike is my favorite shoe company and I have invested A LOT of time with shoe-related endeavors over the years. For them to treat me like some loser who is not worth their time is very.......disheartening. (to say the least) I guess that I feel particularly insulted due to the fact that I grew up with Nike shoes and because I have a passion for shoes in general. (but particularly Nike shoes)

    Besides filing a formal complaint, what other options do I have? What should I do? I think it's extremely wrong for them to disallow me from sending in recalled shoes and although I may not be thinking straight at the moment, I have thought about the potential of taking them to court,'s me vs Nike, and...what chance do I have?

    Thanks your your time and I would highly appreciate any advice about this situation.

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    Default Re: Unsafe/Dangerous business practice...

    The issue would appear to be that Nike is on to the fact that you're not the consumer who purchased these shoes, and in fact are going out of your way to find and buy the shoes so you can trade them in for vouchers which are much more valuable than the pittance you pay for used sneakers. Does that about sum it up?

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    Default Re: Company Refusing to Accept Recalled Merchandise

    Wow, that was a fast reply. I get ALL kinds of shoes from B-Grades to variants to Player Exclusive shoes to samples, etc...and when I come across defective or recalled shoes, I don't put them on ebay for example (or NikeTalk, etc) due to the potentially dangerous aspect of wearing them...

    My intention isn't to get vouchers, I just want to be treated with respect... I guess that I didn't properly explain why I feel so slighted right now, but...yeah.

    I mean...a couple months ago I received some VERY rare prototype/sample/unreleased shoes which happened to contain the dangerous metal part, and instead of trying to sell the 2 pairs of shoes, I sent them to Nike. (a Nike rep said tha tit would be prudent for me to do so) Upon inspection, they said that they don't accept 'sample' shoes, so...I was cool with that. Subsequently however, they decided not to accept any more recalled shoes from me...

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