We Were Backing Out Of A Parking Space In Scottsdale, Az. Before Backing Out, My Husband Turned Around, Then Looked In His Rear View Mirror. There Was A Jeep Cherakee Also Backing Out. My Husband Put His Foot On The Brake And His Hand On The Horn But She Continued And Hit Our Car. He Got Out, As Did She. She Took Her Name, Number And Asked Her For Her Insurance Info. She Said It Was At Home And To Call Her. He Was On His Way Out Of Town So Later That Afternoon I Called And Left A Message. No Return Call. Next Day, Another Msg. No Return. I Called My Husband And He Called Her. She Answered And Told Him That She Contacted Her Insurance Co. And They Stated That...because It Was On Private Property, It Was Considered "no Fault" And Each Drive Is Responsible For Their Own Vehicle. At That Point, I Contacted Our Company. Bottom Line, The Damage To Our Car Was Almost $5,000.00 And We Have A $1,000. Deductible. The Insurance Co. Contacted Her, But She Would Not Give Them Any Information. They Are Sending Her To Collection Which Does Not Get Me Back My Deductible. I Have Her Name, Address, Vin #, And Would Like To Take Her To Small Claims Court. Before I Do That I Want To Make Sure I Am Clear On Arizona Law. According To My Insurance Person, There Is No "no Fault" Statue As She Claimed. In Fact, I Don't Think She Even Has Insurance At All. I Have Been On The Web, Contacted The Police Dept, Etc. To Get The Specifc Statute Information But I Keep Running Into Dead Ends. Can You Help? Thank You.
Fuming In Arizona