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    Unhappy Landlord Charges Rent on Old Unit After Move to a Different Unit Within the Property


    In May 0f 2006 I moved into a two bedroom apartment with a roommate and signed a 13 month lease (TX). A few months before our lease expired I decided that it was time to live alone and leased an apartment within the same apartment complex at the expiration date of the existing lease. I did give the apartment complex the 60 day notice advising that I would be vacating the actual apartment since I was going to be moving into another unit within the same property. When I signed the new lease the agent assured that my name would automatically transfer to the new lease since my roommate would stay at the original unit and find another roommate. Three months after I moved out I received a call from the property manager advising that the rent on the original unit had not being paid in two months . I questioned why she was notifying me since I moved out when my lease expired and relocated within the property. She advised that technically I was responsible for the rent because my old roommate did not qualify for the apartment on his own and when he did not vacate at the expiration of the lease it then became a month to month lease. After fighting the ridiculous charges, they agreed to release me of any financial obligation as of the expiration date of old lease. I was also sent written confirmation of that agreement. It has been a little over a month since that happened and I just received a notice threatening to send me to collections if I do not pay the balance on the old apartment. I don’t know what to do? This property insists on me paying for the rent and many other fees for the three months that my old roommate stayed after our original lease expired. Please anyone… any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Landlord in Tx charges me for rent on old unit after I move within same property?

    The threat came from where? The landlord? Somebody else?

    Send the source of the threat a copy of the letter releasing you from any further financial responsibility, and ask that they update their records accordingly. Don't lose that letter.

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    Default Re: Landlord Charges Rent on Old Unit After Move to a Different Unit Within the Prope

    The threat came straight from the Apartment complex. Thank you for your prompt reply

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