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    Default Possession of Drugs and Paraphernalia

    Well today was my big shot day of going to court to confess i had been smoking weed and clear it all up with the Judge and make my life straight again and i prepared for the worst case Scenario by dressing up in my work uniform to show the judge i was no bum but a man who is working and not sitting around smoking weed everyday. Anyways as i checked in i gave the lady my ticket and i said to her im not sure what room im suppose to be in. She typed the ticket number up on the computer and said What are you doing here? As i was very much confused i said im here cause of that ticket that said im suppose to be here. she said the Case was closed. They could'nt file it cause there was not enough evidence. I was like HUH!!! She was reading the ticket posession of .5 grams and Drug Paraphernalia blah blah blah yup and i said ok Thank You. Walked out with a Huge Frown on my face trying to figure out what had happend exactly and why there was no court lol. Im guessing the Judge thought exactly what i thought .5 grams is nothing.... its not enough for a charge which did not give them enough Evidence including the items found in my car to conclude a punishment for such nonsense from a Police Officer who really made a bad Bust and embarassed themselfs and wasted there time. The same Police officer who complained i wasted her time and made her McDonald Fries cold. Thinking Back i had a small jar with weed residue a jar used for catching insects.. then there was the roach that added up to .5 grams of cannabis, then there was the blunt wrap which are Legal smoking items cause there used to create flavored cigars. Each of the above items being Legal. Also it would conclude that if i had a Pipe or bong, Perhaps Roach clips or something used for smoking Weed then there would be a Case and legal actions would take place. Keep in mind when they scrape your Pipes and bongs it all adds up and you never know you may of had 2 grams of residue scraped from your bowl maybe even more. Keep those Items at home, And a lesson for all including myself, Dont smoke around in Public people are watching, Nosey people call the Police for everything *BE CAREFUL!!!*. Im at a quitting point right now.

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    Default Re: .5 Gram Possession and Drug Paraphernalia

    I have no idea what you're talking about and/or why you're posting here.

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    Default Re: .5 Gram Possession and Drug Paraphernalia

    It is possible that the prosecutor had a problem with the content of the police report, or perhaps the manner in which evidence was seized, and either declined to authorize charges or referred the case back to the police for a supplemental report.

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