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    6 months ago i went to court for shoplifting a 75 dollar shirt out of dillards. I was written a citation for larceny and released when it happened. I was offered a first offender program of 75 community service hours which I accepted, not knowing how I would complete them. Iam raising 2 teenagers by myself, and working 2 jobs which I log a total of 70 hours a week at. The few hours a week I have free are promised to my kids and it may have been a grave error but I chose to keep my commitments to them over leaving home sunday afternoon/evenings (which is all Im off) to do the service hours. my follow up court date is next week, I have the 320 dollars that was also ordered but would like to know what to expect to happen for not completing the hours.

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    Default Re: uncompleted community service

    Most likely you will be disqualified for the first offender program, convicted of the charge, and resentenced. If you continue to ignore your probation requirements, you will eventually spend time in jail.

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