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    Question How to Copyright a Song

    Edit:Forgot to add my state:We live in Arkansas

    Good Evening!
    My dad is in a local band and they have gigs all around so they are a well known band in our community.Here's my question.How do you copyright a song that you have written?

    Someone told him all he would need to do is write it down and mail the song in the mail back to himself and that would make it his copyright...This sounds too simple to me and not right so I thought I'd ask you folks here.Is this false?If so,How does one copyright a song they've written?


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    Technically speaking, he has a copyright from the moment it is in a fixed medium - that is, after he writes it on a piece of paper or saves it into a word processor file, he has a copyright. That doesn't necessarily help in the event of plagiarism, so there is also a process for obtaining a registered copyright - instructions are here.

    A so-called "poor man's copyright" - mailing something to yourself - is not going to hold up in court.

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