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    Default Trying to make roommate move out

    I know with a roommate's signature on the lease it's hard to make her move out. Things have gotten to the point where some of the roommates can't emotionally handle her shit going on all the time.

    The roommate C:
    1) Consistly pays her shares of the bills late. It's actually started to affect the roommate B's credit because she doesn't have the money to cover for roommate C's share. The electric company has actually reported the late payments to the credit bureau. 50 pts dropped in the last 3 months alone. I have proof I've written a check to cover her(roommate C) share of the electrical bil so the roommate B could get the payment on time. It took roommate C more than 2 weeks to pay me back for it.

    2)She also is publicly slandering us online. Saying that we never clean the house and etc... until yesterday she hasn't done any "house" cleaning since June. She did the bathroom... has managed to displace almost every roommate's belongings. She even refuses to tell roommate B where her stuff has been thrown too. I clean the floors everywhere but bedrooms once a week, and I tend to be the main cleaner of the kitchen and bathroom. You wouldn't believe how good the house looks for 5 college age people living together is.

    3) Does she have the right to use all of our belongs if she has packed up or hid away all of her belongings? So there's no equal use going on. For example she literally has boxes of dishes/pans now pulled out on the table in our ways, but uses ours and doesn't even clean them properly if she does even clean them.

    4)She does have allergy problems, but now it's everyone but her fault. First I want to note that I know my roommates (aka B &C) haven't paid the deposit on pets that they have had since June. There are two cats. Roommate B brought one and Roommate C brought one home at the same time together. Each was so supposed to take care of her share of the kitty duties. Roommate B has bought all food, litter and medical care for both of the kittens. Roommate C has decided her allergies are partly caused by the cats. Note the cats were in the house for 2 1/2 months before she started having allergy problems. She is insisting Roommate B gets rid of them (she told Roommate B to get them out by the end of the week). She has no doctors note saying that her allergy problems have been caused by the cats. She has also decided because her allergies that she can't carry her belongs upstairs to the attic. Instead she rather block our ways.... She knew about the dust in the attic way before we moved into the house.

    5) She causes disturbances in the house all the time. She and either Roommate E or B.. will start to fight. Namely when I'm trying to sleep. I work on the weekends by 7am, and classes everday from 8:30am to 6pm and she knows this. Can I call the cops she decides to pick fights and etc? Would it qualify as a domestic disturbance?

    Trying to talk to her only sets her off more. She either runs away to the bathroom crying and puking or calls her mom.

    Any ideas on how this whole thing can be approached? Something needs done.. there's still 7 1/2 months left on this lease. At this pt I can't really afford to move and I'd have to have someone else take over my share of the lease.. what kind of person would I be if I let someone else in that situation?

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    Default Problem Roommate

    Have you asked her if she would be willing to move? Then you could bring in another roommate to replace her.

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    Default have tried

    Back in August she talked about moving out, and supposedly had a place lined up and it fell through. She's been asked if she's so unhappy at the house why doesn't she move out. She as of yet hasn't come up with a coherent answer to why she hasn't.

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