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    Unhappy First Drug Offense - I am Worried About the Penalties

    I am 40 years old in FLORIDA with no prior record until I illegally obtained 7 pills through a free trial offer on the internet.
    I was having trouble staying awake especially when making 200 mile drives.. I was nodding off while driving.
    Went to a doctor who did $400 in blood tests of which everything came up O.K. except for one reading that required additional testing for possible hepatitis. That testing would have cost another $200, but the doctor had his nurse write up a directive telling me to donate blood to Florida Blood Services which would screen the blood as part of its donation process. I did so, but then found out that what the doctor did was a big no-no and could have killed a frail person if my blood was not good. Doctors are never supposed to refer patients to donate blood for screening purposes. I told FBS about this and they told me that my blood was negative for hepatitis, however to be safe they destroyed my pint donation.

    The doctor prescribed me 90 pills of Lunesta which is a SLEEPING PILL. I was getting plenty of sleep.. all night long and most of the day, and when I did wake up, I was falling asleep. The LAST thing that I needed was a sleeping pill. I questioned the doctor about that and he was highly offended.

    I then did some research on the internet and found which offers a FREE 7 pill sample for their medication which is supposed to do nothing but promote wakefulness. It is not an amphetamine nor barbituate. It has virtually no side-effects.

    I went back to the doctor's office and he was not there, so I left the printouts from the provigil website there and called back the next day. I found out that again he was not in, but refused my request for the prescription without even reading the documentation. He wanted to refer me to a sleep disorder center which would have cost me thousands of dollars and would have taken months to evaluate. I went back to the office and demanded to talk to the doctor and he was not there, but some other doctor came out and I complained vigorously about not being given the approval to get these 7 free trial pills. They were angry with me for turning them in to FBS about the blood donation issue and would not cooperate with me at all.

    I went and modified the prescription to be 7 pills of Provigil instead of 90 pills of Lunesta which are both schedule IV drugs which are considered non-addictive.

    I got the 7 pills from a pharmacy, and I did try them. They DID work perfectly. They did not make me jittery, I didn't have problems staying awake, etc. I only took 6 of the 7 pills because I only wanted and needed ONE pill to make a very long trip from Tampa to Jacksonville to rescue someone who was forced to move by an abusive roommate. I never took the 7th pill and still have the last pill because in the time between getting the pills and that trip I found that if I drank a LOT of V8 vegetable juice that I was able to stay awake without any medication.

    Meanwhile, I had reported the doctor and his clinic to the Better Business Bureau about the blood donation issue. The doctor found out about my fraudulent prescription and turned me in. I was arrested and shackled hand and feet and treated monstrously in the jail with a $5000 bail.
    At my first pre-trial hearing, the charges had been reduced and the bail reduced to $1000 without my knowlege. They offered me the PTI program which sounded like a good deal at the time. It turns out that the PTI program is quite a bit more than was mentioned in court and that it involved a LOT of expenses over a year and several classes and urine tests and probation and a prohibition against moving out of state for that year.

    The counselor at the PTI program suggested that PTI was too severe for me and I should go back to court. I took that risk and my 2nd pre-trial is coming up.

    I feel that I have already been punished severely for my stupid mistake. I would appreciate any advice or information on what to expect from this situation. I lost my job early this year, and have not found new employment partially because even though I have not even gone to trial yet, my arrest is already part of my record so I can pass no background check. I sacrificed nearly all my savings to assist someone I rescued from an abusive situation and he now lives 1200 miles away with his mother who lives in a trailer and I still have to send him some money so he has food to eat! He can't get a job because he has no car, and there are only 1200 people in the town and virtually no jobs available. I can't afford an attorney.

    What should I do?

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    Default Re: First Drug Offense - I am Worried About the Penalties

    The PTI program is designed for addicts, which is why it seems so stringent. It is still better than a conviction, if the prosecutor won't agree to some other similar disposition, and from what you say you are unquestionably guilty of forging the prescription.

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