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    Unhappy Father of My Partner is Threatening a Lawsuit

    Good Morning Folks,
    I have been browsing the forum for a while now,trying to find a similar case but have not found anything similar so I thought I'd post my questions in hope of some answers of advice.I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this posting and didn't know exactly where this should go so if this is in the incorrect area,and admin may move it to the appropriate area....A bit about the issue posted below:

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to view my post,I will be the first to admit that this may be one of the strangest posts yet but I really could use some advice as far as the law goes and any other advice,all responses are greatly appreciated as I am at my breaking point and don't know where to turn to!

    I'll try and keep this as short as possible but explain it the best I can,please keep in mind that I understand it may sound strange to you....It's confusing to me also!

    I am a 25yo female and my partner is a 22yo male...we're in Love and have been having a long distance relationship for going on 8 years now....since we both were teenagers!He lives in Texas and I in Arkansas.We are very committed to making our relationship work and having a future together but are having a major problem with his folks(mainly his Father)Although I have never had any beef with his Father on my part and have always wanted to keep the peace,His father has always seemed to hate me for some reason.I don't think anyone is good enough for his son and he strongly disagrees with him having this long distance relationship.Lately,It's gotten alot worse...His father constantly harasses my partner about me and when we are on the phone together,he can't keep from shouting out disrespectful comments.

    Now for the legal questions.My man bought me a cell phone a while back(on his own accord)and we do take turns in paying the bill,we have no problems with that at all.Remember that my fellow is 22 years old.He does still live with his parents(attends college)a bill came to his house and his Father seen it(or opened it)not sure which and was outraged that he had bought me a cell phone and has the cell phone in his name.My man of course,told him to mind his own business and that he's an Adult and I'm the Love of his life and all that good stuff.Anywho,skip ahead a bit:Now,The Father has it in his mind that I'm some kind of scammer)and is telling people this)That I am out to get his sons money and that he wants to get a lawsuit against me because of the phone that's in his sons name,ect.

    My guy and I think this is totally absurd of him but it is causing us both alot of stress....him threatening me with a suit!

    DO I have any reason to be worried?My man is 22 years old so if he wants to pay for my cell phone and have the bill in his name or whatever else,he can make that choice and his father can't do anything legally about it except continue to hate me and be upset about it?Am I correct......or not?Any feedback at all would be helpful guys and gals...This whole thing has caused me blood pressure issues and stress you wouldn't believe.

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: Father of My Partner is Threatening a Lawsuit

    From what you wrote the father has no legal standing to sue.

    Your man is a legal adult and can legally contract for a cell phone and choose to pay the bill if that is what he wants to do.

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    Default Re: Father of My Partner is Threatening a Lawsuit

    Thanks for your reply,at least I got one!hehe....This whole thing has been really stressful and I just didn't see what right he thinks he would have..

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