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    Angry Lawyer's Paralegal Hasn't Completed Paperwork

    4+ years ago I went to a family law attorney because my ex husband (who moved out of state 2 years prior) had just stopped paying any child support, helping with medical bills for our son (as ordered in our divorce/child custody decree).... He said I could hire him at $1800 or his paralegal company for $700, but they'd just prepare everything and no one would go to court with me. I opted for the $700 since it's a pretty straight forward case (I just want the back support paid and set up a wage assignment so I can stop acting like a bill collector). I supplied them with copies of everything I have, including many, many email between my ex and myself regarding paying the support. NOTHING HAPPENED!!! I went in there 2 years after I retained them VERY UPSET! The attorney I had met with originally off loaded it on the paralegals calling them "flaky" and saying how he had to hire new ones, etc... He assured me he had the "perfect person" to help me and that he'd foward my file to her for immidiate action. I spoke with her, gave her a few more things she asked for and.... NOTHING!!!! Meanwhile, we're going on 5 years and I'm still not getting any help from my ex... and I'm out an additonal $700! This office (whether it's the attorney or the paralegal) NEVER returns phone calls.... EVER!!! So,
    I went into the office last Tuesday DEMANDING my file and my money back. The attorney in question wasn't in... But I created enough of a fuss that another attorney came over to me and assured me that he'd personally make sure the attorney got the message and I would get a call back. I got a call (from the attorney who passed my message along) telling me that I would be getting my file in the mail and that the attorney's secretary would call me on Tuesday to set up a conference call with me and the attorney............ WHY?!! Why can't I just get my money back????? Do I have to sue? If so.... Who? The attorney or the Paralegal service? It's $700, so I can do it in small claims... But what do I do?????

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    Default Re: Can I sue? If so.... WHO?!

    You may have to take the attorney to small claims court, but I'm not real sure on that. Hopefully Aaron has better advice.

    To enforce the CS order, you can go to your state CS enforcement agency and they will enforce the order. You might have to pay a small fee at first, but it's not going to be $700, usually the fee ranges from $25 to $50. Although the state CSE agency can be slow, they usually do get the enforcement done, so it's worth looking into.

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    Question Re: Lawyer's Paralegal Hasn't Completed Paperwork

    Thank you..... Who is Aaron??? When you say "CS" what are you referring to??? I'm kind of new to this so the "jargon" doesn't always compute....


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    Default Re: Lawyer's Paralegal Hasn't Completed Paperwork

    What state are you in?

    CS = "child support"

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