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    Unhappy Doctor Suing for Nonpayment in Missouri

    I was changing jobs and got sick. I called my doctor and let them know I was ending one job and starting another. The receptionist said she would
    call my insurance company to see if I still had coverage. She called and then called me to say I did. I made my co-pay and forgot about it.
    One month later I received a bill from her. I thought it was probaly
    crossing payments with my insurance co and forgot about it.
    I never received another bill or phone call. This all took place in February.

    This week I got served a summons to appear in court next week for nonpayment. I called the lawyer on the paperwork and asked what I
    could do, he replied pay it. I said ok, I'll pay the $295.00
    He replied it would be more than that and he would get back to me.
    I did not hear back and sent a check for $295.00 to the doctor(who
    happens to be his wife and he works in her office)
    He called today to say his client (wife) got the check but I need to
    pay and additional $599.00 to him.
    This seems very unreasonable to me and not right that I only received
    one bill. Even the electric co and gas company send you bills!
    What can I do?

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    Default Re: Doctor Suing for Nonpayment in Missouri

    When you contacted your insurance company about this, and why they initially stated that you had coverage, what did they say?

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