My ex wife made false aligatons against me in 2001. i was arrested and spent months fighting the charges. two weeks after i was arrested my ex wife's mother took my daughter and flew to puerto rico. during the same time my ex wife took off with the man who she was cheating on me with. i ended up with three year probation. i got a divorce in sept 07. the judge here in fl ststed that he had no jusridiction over the child. my daughter is concidered a "resident" of PR so i had to file a custody case there. my ex lives in New jersy and never sees my daughter. i have been twice this year to see my daughter. i talk to her almost every day over the phone. I hired a lawyer in Puerto Rico and she filed the case. The lawyer stated that she also gave the "delivery person" the summons on 9-17-07. i can not reach the lawyer in over three weeks now and the summons still has not been delivered. the court is waiting for the summons to be delivered for the case to proceed. I dont know what else to do to contact her. Ive tryed e mails, phone calls, letters to the lawyer all with no reply. What do i do now???