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    Default Extradition on a Warrant for Non-Compliance with Probation

    Hi, I just found out that I have a warrant in Colorado for non-compliance of probation. There has been a lack of communication on all parts since the original court date and thats how non-compliance came about on my part. The intervention office let me move to CA from CO. I was wondering will I be extradited from CA to CO on this type of warrant and also can the judge issue another warrant like felony warrant or can he do anything else to me in the meantime. Im going to get a lawyer to try and defend me out there because i cant leave CA Im on SS/DI with two children,single with no friends no family. Would the original sentence be the sentence that I get now that I have a non-compliance warrant or does this new warrant start a whole new case. I really would appreciate any help I have never been in trouble before and have no idea what to do im scared to death. Thank you so much

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    Default Re: Extradition on (M2) warrant for non-compliance

    Without knowing more about your situation I have no way of knowing if Colorado will request extradition. Your probation officer can probably tell you. Being a fugitive can affect your eligibility for government benefits.

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    Default Re: Extradition on a Warrant for Non-Compliance with Probation

    I got two counts of child abuse for leaving my two children in the car for 5 minutes to get something in the store. I admit I screwed rup really really bad and cant even believe that I did something that stupid to my children, the cop told me it was not a crime ot leave children in the car but did write a ticket for two counts of child abuse I went to court a couple months later the DA said we would ak the judge to defer my sentence for a year on good behavior and take a parenting class because I had never been in trouble before he then said if the judge doesnt except that plea the next thing would to ask for probation. The judge excepted the deferred judgment and when I went ot his clerk I got paper work ot a place called intervention no one ever told me I was on probation and here is your probation officers name. I went to the intervention office they told me I was on supervision which now a year later Im told is the same thing as probation (i really had no clue), they let me move to CA. I was supposed to send report papers and 50 a month to this intervention office after two months i had called to say I couldnt make that months payment an a lady over there said she didnt see in her comp were I was to even pay anything, so I didnt. I did complete the parenting class and haven not gotten into trouble this year. I found out that a misdamoener non-compliance warrant was put out on me in July and my bond is $250. The lady at the intervention office couldnt tell me anything she said she didnt even know why the warrant was put out but most likely it was because of not paying. I want to get this taken care of Im not a criminal an dknow nothing about the law,,If I were to get pulled over would the cops in CA see the warrant from CO and would my original sentence be carried out for non-compliance or can the judge do what he decides when i go back to court. Im scared im going to get two years time and my kids being alone and not having anywhere to go. Also do you know if they give methadone (i was told no) to people in jail I have never used drugs I take the methadone in pill form I get from my doc for my severe pain disorder. If you can give me any of your knowledge it would be greatly appreciated also would writing a letter to the judge be beneficial in anyway. Thank you so much

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