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    Default How Can I Prove Duress?

    I am all over the place on this site and I will probably get scolded by the bosses, but if I decide to go to grand jury and refuse a charge plea, I am certain I will be indicted. But the only evidence to come from discovery is my statement. My statement was a lie so I could stop my fiance from having another miscarriage!..How can I get my statement tossed and how can I get the police to admit that they refused me a lawyer?? Even when I asked 3 times?

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    Default Re: How Can I Prove Duress?

    You can work with your lawyer to try to suppress your statement. If your statement comes into evidence, there's a strong chance you will be convicted.

    (I do not understand how your confession to sex crimes would prevent your fiancée from having a miscarriage.)

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    Default Re: How Can I Prove Duress?

    To answer your question, I was held for 16 hours without being allowed ANYTHING, including my civil rights.

    My fiance was pregnant(9 months) and totally hysterical. The police came into our home, and she was shaking and a nervous wreck not knowing what was happening.

    I was pissed because she had a miscarriage previous to this pregnancy and it was caused by stress (says the doctor). I was afraid she would abort a 9 month fetus! I just wanted to get HOME and fast! Especially when I heard them talking to her on the phone like she was lower than a rat. They were rude, mean and obnoxious to her and she did not deserve any of that. The police work for us. They are not above the laws of this country or the laws of humanity.

    I am in search for the best civil rights attorney in the country as well as an author that would like to hear some VERY JUICY FACTS! I have got stories to tell!

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