State: North Carolina.

I live within 1 mile of the Lowes Motor Speedway. On the morning of Oct 14th (saturday night, sunday morning, the night of the race) I cam home to find my car gone and my neighbor telling me that the towing company for the complex just towed my vehicle for being double parked. The towing company was going through the complex looking for vehicles to tow for illegal parking. They towed 7 cars that night. (found out from the apt leasing center)

Does the towing company have to provide proof that I was doubled parked? If they can not provide this proof, can I use that to get my car out of towing at no charge?

The thing that really pisses me off is that I have a sports car that sits very low and I can see the scraps on the ground where they hooked up my car and took it away (they did not place it on a flat bed), also parked right behind me was a vehicle that did not have a parking tag for the complex, but they did not tow that vehicle. Ir was a 4x4 and they could not have towed it on a regular tow truck.