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    Question What Happens After a Felony Pretrial

    Case in Michigan

    I have been in and out of court with the NCP for the last 2 months. The State of Michigan (Attorney General's Office) did issue a Felony warrant for non-support and he was picked up for it. Was held for 6 days in county jail and the AG's was not notified that he was in the county's care. When the hearing came - it was all handled by phone and the NCP paid nearly 10% to get out of jail. We have been bouncing back and forth between FOC hearing and felony hearings for the last 2 months. There was a pre-trial earlier this month (Oct. 9th) in Circuit Court - but his lawyer asked for a continuance an it was granted pushing the pre-trial out to Nov 9th. The Judge did state that this is the final date and that there will be no more delays. Today in the mail, I get a letter from the AG's office for the Nov. 9th hearing along with a date for a jury trial on Dec. 4th. The prosecutor from the AG's office said that these cases never make it that far to jury trial because they are a no win situation. We know that he is pushing this out as far as he can because he did state in court that I do not deserve the money. The money is for the children.......
    On top of this, we were just in court for the FOC and my caseworker found out that he lied to their prosecutor about a place of employment (claiming not to work for them) and only told the FOC of the lower paying job.
    What does happen if this makes it to a jury trial? Jail for him? The money is there to be paid on the arrearage he just doesn't want to pay it. And the only time he does pay support is when court ordered. There is an IWO in place - but like the others before will only last for so long until he quits so no support is taken out and he receives more money.

    Any input is always greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: What happens after felony pre-trial if...

    Q: What does happen if this makes it to a jury trial? Jail for him?

    A: We cannot see into the future. Sorry....

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