Hello! I recently became a Hair club for men customer. During the initial consultation, the hair club representative showed me various hair systems. They only informed that the initial price would be $2,000 for a hair system of high quality. They also informed me that I would have to come in every month, to have each hair system refitted at a rate of $95 per month. I agreed & signed a contract. The contract stipulated that I had 3 days after the initial consultation to cancel without charge. After that, I could cancel only the same day that the hair system was placed on my head, but at only a 50% refund. If I cancel the day after, I am entitled to nothing. Here is what HCM did & does to people they feel are fearful of hair loss. I went in to get the hair system put on. It was a superior quality. Not detectable. Once it is placed on, you can jump out of an airplane, & it is totally secure as a natural head of hair. I left the salon room & was met by the original sales representative from my consultation. She asked me, "So, what kind of membership do you want?" I was a little confused by her question & asked her to clarify. She then informed me that the hair system I have would only last 10 weeks & that I would need a new one every 10 weeks. The price is broken down to $290 per month plus tax. I of course became angry with her, as she never mentioned this in detail during the initial consultation. I told her to show me literature stipulating what she was telling me. She got very short with me & provided literature. All of the literature mentions different programs, but shows no prices of course. I have opted to use this hair system until it runs it's course & then eat the $2000 & go back to a shaved head. My question is this. With it being less than a week since I was fitted with the finished product, could I sue HCM for a full refund based on not being fully informed when I signed the contract? There was in fact a section of the contract where the purchaser places an initial. That section vaguely touches on the fact that each hair system does not last indefinitely. But nowhere in the contract does it mention programs or prices for programs. My state is California.