I was arrested for shoplifting at a department store for just under $400. This is the first time this has happened to me and I am very scared. This is a fourth degree .I have stole from there numerous amounts of times however this is the first time I was caught. There is viedo surveillance throughout the store. Is it possible to be charged for those time as well? Would this make it a third degree?Can I still go to jail if this is my first offense? Also, I was caught returning items from the store from a receipt of a prior purchase and have done this before as well. I am so afraid. I am a college student who was pursuing a career in teaching. Can I ever be a teacher? I really hate what I have done. Also, is there any way to avoid jail sentence? I would be willing to pay a large amount of money to avoid jail. Is this allowed? I am 25. Where can I seek counseling? NJ state