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    Default Confused, first time offense with friend.

    I'm 17 years old and was just recently caught shoplifting with my friend, who is also 17 years of age, at a Famous Barr. There were three items in total taken which likely added up to about $25.00. My friend and I had stolen from the store in the past (About a month or two ago), which the LP Lady knew of. She took us in the back though and said she'd have us out of there quickly without any calling of the police if we cooperated. The items were taken and my friend and I gave our information (Names, numbers, age, etc...) and signed those forms. I was held responsible for the three items stolen on my form, while my friend was labelled an accomplice (I was the one who actually placed said items in the bag). I was then read off a statement for civil demand that the store would be issueing to me and signed that saying I understood. We were then released from the store and told we must leave right then, although we could come back another day as long as we didn't steal. (Which I found rather odd, aren't persons caught stealing usually banned from the premises?)

    I'm really agitated now though over the whole situation, since I have little ideal of what to expect out of this. I would really prefer for my parent not to find out, but I'm not sure if that's possible. I'll be happy to pay the fund, but does anyone have any estimates on how much it should be? Or rather or not it has to be paid in total right away? Also, will my friend be asked to pay any of the fine? Or will the fees be solely placed on me since she was only labelled as an *accomplice*. Once the civil demands are paid will the situation be done with?

    Finally, I wasn't aware if this whole ordeal would go on our records. I know that normally it would, but since the police were not involved I was wondering if it would just be a situation between us and the store itself.

    I'm not looking to make excuses for my behavior or get out of paying fines, I would just like to put my mind at ease a bit so I can get this whole situation dealt with correctly.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Caught Shoplifting

    The amount of a civil demand will vary in accord with state law and store policy.

    The store will presumably maintain a record of the incident.

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    So, I'd only be in real trouble if I was ever dumb enough to repeat the incident at that store (or any other store for that matter), since such would be a second offense.

    I thought as much, I just wasn't sure. For the most part I'm just hoping to keep everything out of court. Which seems like it could be easily done by just cooperating and paying the civil demand when it comes.
    Thanks for the info though.

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