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    Default Fired After False Accusation of Making Sexual Comments

    I was fired for being accused of making sexual comments I did not make. I wrote the following letter after my father-in-law attorney suggested I do so. He is currently out of the country and I dont want to look too foolish in showing him something that has no merit. I took/replaced out the important names etc... I wrote it in a hurry, what should I change? Does it make sense? Does it sound like I have a case?

    Here it is...

    This letter is to inform of my intent to sue __company___and _parent company_____on the grounds of Harassment, Slander and Defamation of Character.

    On September 9th 2007 my employment with ____COMPANY__ was terminated based on the findings of an investigation into accusations against me relating to a conversation I had with __GIRL MANAGER___, a manager with [COLOR="Red"]___compnay___ [/COLOR]while attending ___blank__Association conference inDestin, Florida from said dates
    I feel my termination was completely unjust and the investigation into the situation was unstable, unfounded and done with little regard for the truth or attaining the truth.
    I was told from the very beginning of the investigation that my job performance or any previous discussions about my work at ___company___would not be considered, held against me or a basis in the investigation.
    Without going into to much detail about the investigation it’s validity has zero credibility or basis into the accusations because there was not one person that could corroborate the accuser’s story and the accuser’s story was flawed from the very first statement which can be proven to be false.
    After discussions with my attorney about the surrounding circumstances of my termination, the events that took place while attending the ___conference___ and what has happened since… it has been determined I have suffered as a victim of harassment, slander and defamation of character.
    Unlike the investigation that resulted in my termination I can provide solid proof in a court of law the following:

    • While attending the ___ convention ___company__employees were encouraged to consume alcohol and entertain clients while “partying” with them
    ___company___ provided “free alcohol” the night of the altercation between myself and ___girl manager___
    • Ms. ___girl manager___, a manager with for ___company___came to my hotel room at 3:30 am uninvited by myself, after several hours of consuming alcohol provided for by ___company___and initiated the confrontation in question
    • Friday night the 7th while after walking into the Red Door lounge to meet co-workers and clientele my immediate manager __gay male boss__ bought a “body shot” of liquor for me. This body shot was to be taken from the cleavage of a female waitress while using my mouth to retrieve the shot from her breast. I initially refused the shot but after teasing from Mr. ___ and friends I obliged for fear of retribution or being looked upon differently from my immediate manager. After taking the shot Mr. Manager proceeded to tell me I did it wrong and bought another “body shot” for me to retrieve from the waitresses cleavage with my mouth. Again I did and walked away feeling like I lost a little dignity because I gave into pressure from a superior and that my wife would not approve that I coerced to do something in such a “sexual manor” as said body shot.

    ___company__ I have come to learn that recently an employee of __company__has disclosed untrue statements as to why I was let go to a former client of mine while at ___company. The __company__ employee offered statements and opinions to this former client about the situation and making statements to my former client that have humiliated me and were very embarrassing.
    • I have also come to find out the situation surrounding my dismissal has also been spoke about in the offices of a competitor . The only conclusion I can come to as to why anyone at The competitor would know any details about my dismissal is directly related to the close friendship Mrs. __girl manager__ has with the sales manager at the competitor.

    I have been humiliated, embarrassed and my right to earn a living by working with former clients in other facets of the __my__ Industry has been severely damaged and impeded upon.
    My attorney has advised me to allow you 30 days to respond before proceeding with this matter in a court of law.

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    Default Re: I was fired need help

    If your Father inlaw is an Attorney and he advised you to write this letter why do you need us?

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    Default Re: Fired After False Accusation of Making Sexual Comments

    Just wanted another opinion before I showed him my letter when he gets back in town.

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