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    Unhappy What Immigration Documents are Needed to Renew a Driver's License

    i need help,my adjustment of status for permanent residence was denied,for the reason that i missed my first interview as married couple for some family problem,i am planning to re-file my papers again,but i can't do all the forms all together at once,because of financial difficulties,especially now,that all fees had gone up,could anybody help me on this,which paper works i need to file first to be able to at least renew my driver's license and allow me to get a job? is it possible to file immigration papers one at a time,depends on what we can afford? or we really have to file all the paper works in one shot. As of now, i just really need to get a job, to raise the money for paper works and at least renew my driver's license,which is really necessary here in florida,to go around, co'z not to many public vehicles.Please help,i badly need an advice.thank you.

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    Default Re: need to renew driver's license,what immirgation papers need to show

    Sorry to hear that your application was denied. The new fee of $1010.00 includes filing fees I-485 (Adjustment of Status),G-325A (Biometrics), I-131 (Request of Advanced Parole) and I-765 (Employment Authorization). According to USCIS Website instruction, you can apply I-131 and I-765 later with the Receipt Notice of I-485. However, you still have to pay the same filing fee of $1010.00 because of the form I-485 . Hope this helps out. Good luck with your case.

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