I have been in the US for over a year now. I am here on an
F-1 visa, studying towards a Masters degree. I will be
graduating in May 2008. I was planning on petitioning for
OPT sometime in February, so I receive my work permit by
the time I graduate. However, I have been offered a
modeling contract with a modeling agency, which is willing
to sponsor an H1B visa. Since their fiscal year just ended,
they want me to start working already. They will need a SSN
by the end of next year. I would like to start working as a
model, while finishing my degree. Should I initiate and H1B
process or just wait for my SSN which I will get with my
OPT in May 2008? In other words, can I use my OPT for
modeling? I am graduating in International Relations, and I
am aware that this is not related to modeling at all. I
know that I am supposed to only accept jobs that are
related to my field of study, but can I use it for modeling
anyway? Also, I do not have a work permit at the moment,
and will get it either in May (OPT) or October (H1B); can I
start working now anyway - which is what the agency is
offering me? If I start working now should I file taxes by
the end of next year?

Thank you very much for your help.