Early this morning, two young men were attempting to move my vehical that was blocking them. Apparenlty they seemed to ignore all the posted signs, the tow company's signs, and the no treaspassing signs. This event took place in a dead end ally way, that I OWN. So, I would think I have every right to park in my own lot.

The catch of this entire problem was the men used forced entry to get into my SUV. They pulled on the rear hatch glass violently until the rear hatch gave way. When doing so, they even managed to pull my rear wiper off, which then caused the ENTIRE unit to fall into the back of the SUV. They apprenlty climbed threw, to the front , unlocked the rest of the doors and started scatering things all around. Disposing all of my inforamation and vailable items out side of the SUV, appearently they were searching for keys.

They were unsuccessful to find a key to move the SUV. Therefore, they were stuck. I was notified about the situation, and rushed to the scene. Along the way, I stoped and explained to an officer on duty my current situation. The officer then followed me to the site. He was clearly aware what was going on, as he was asking me "why I had been blocking MY parking lot/driveway access". I had told him the situation, he seemed slightly upset. (My lot, i should be able to park there)

Another person was telling the officer that he saw those two young men break into and "rampaged" threw my SUV. I then noted that all my personal belong's were spread and thrown all around my SUV, (had not even reached the rear of the truck). Officer explained to me that if "your truck/car is open, anyone can entire". I noted that i locked my truck and it had to have been a forced entry. He dismissed the account, and I said I had personal belongs, money and other items in MY SUV. Hey then said that IF i were LYING HE WOULD ARREST ME. After saying that, he turned away, yelling he wanted nothing to do with it.

So, after the witness's seeing these people break into my suv, and asking for assitence from the police and not recieving anything, apperently there was nothing more i could do. As the suspects were still there, and the officers did not even bother to question or talk to them (I did get there information, and the witness's information). So the problem would not escalute any further, I let the suspects take there vehical and off they went. I then called 911 to file a police report, they then contacted the police the police refused to go (because apparently they can). I ask what the next steps were, the 911 dispatch said she can dispatch the SGT so I could file a formal complaint, but he HAS the RIGHT to not RESPOND, which he said he was not going too.

Sorry for the long post but i wanted to be clear about everything..., my question is were can i go from here?

Thanks in advance....