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    Question Failure to Pursue Charges

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: PA

    I recently was involved in an incedept where i had the cops called on person c due to threats against me. I have spoken to police and they are refusing to press charges against him. is they anyway i can get the cops i have read the pa states for both terreristic threats and other and person c meets the main critera any reply would be appreciated,

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    Default Re: Failure to Pursue Charges

    You need to be more specific.

    Did he threaten to bust you in the mouth or to blow up your house? Was it a neighbor squabble or a bar fight?

    If the police declined to do anything, it's likely that they felt there was nothing to do anything about.

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    Default Re: Failure to Pursue Charges

    You can get a warrant on that person yourself, but make sure you are really able to prove the case as to avoid being sued for malicious prosecution. Talk to your local Magistrate.

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