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    Default Getting Parents To Give Guardianship to a Friend's Parents

    I am almost in the same situation. My mother and father were divorced when I was about 7. I was tired of living with my mother and her strict husband. My mother was very mentally ill nad used to neglect us and let her husband take advantage of us like we were in the millitary so i moved to my dads but that didnt work out because he was an abusive alcoholic so i moved back to my moms Just because I wanted to get emancipated and Go live with my BFF and her mom in flordia, because you have to resinside with your legal guardian for atleast 6 months to do so. Since i haved moved back it has been hell and i cant get emancipated without social services getting envolved and i dont want my sis thrown into a foster home. So eather my mom emancipates me or I can get her to give up her guardianship to my friends mom. My mom refuses and says I am crazy she is now trying to have me locked up Because my stepdad told her to do so.. He controlls her how do I get out legally? If you have an answer please let me know.

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    Default Re: changing guardianship

    Unless you can demonstrate that you are being abused and that this warrants your immediate removal...a kid probably can't just say..."hey I want someone else to be responsible for me...someone I like BETTER". It has to be another willing, responsible adult who makes that move out of true, genuine concern for a child. Not simply to give them what they want. Not because your parents are "too strict". Otherwise, every teenager in America would do it at some point! What I am saying is this: If you are truly being abuse and need to go through the proper channels. If you just don't like your parents holding you accountable for your actions... and just want to live with your sister who will let you do what every teenager dreams of ( doing whatever I want!), you are out of luck.

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