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    Angry False Allegations and Restraining Order

    OK here is the start of our/his story..
    Nathan and I started going out back in August of 2001. He just broke up with a girl friend and started dating me.. Well 2 months later we found out she was pregnant.. GREAT! Well time goes by, he never gets to see his son, but he doesn't want to deal with her lieing.. She first said she couldnt have kids, than it was she had a brain tumor, now it's ovarian cysts, and many many other lies..
    We found out on her MYSPACE that Tyler (their son) calls Nathan SCARY DADDY, he is only 3, almost 4!
    Than she told Nathan that he had a choice, help out and pay for Tylers school things or Sign over his rights.. Nathan told her thats what his child support was for and we couldn't aford it ourselfs, cause we than had two kids' and one on the way. She than doesn't ask for anything else.. She than gets a new boyfriend, so that's when she stopped asking for stuff..
    Than in Feb. of this year, we called her and asked how was she doing with getting the papers for Nathan to sign over his rights.. She had said she was getting the papers for about 2 years now..
    She stated NO and she wasn't going to.. Than Nathan asked her if we could get Tyler for a day to take him sleding.. She said it was fine and that was the end of that conversation..
    We than recieve a call from her boyfriend telling Nathan that he wasn't going to get to see Tyler and he would be leaving the house DEAD, if he cam over..
    So we dropped the subject and said WHATEVER..
    Nathan gets papers the next day for the police department, that says she was granted a temp. restraining order agianst Nathan.. Based on her information she gave to them.. She said that Nathan said he was going to pick up Tyler at school (we didn't even know where his school was at) and take him out of the country, that Nathan was gay and is a drug user.. HAHAHAHAHA all FALSE, we have 3 kids.. He's not gay.. Plus why should that prevent you from seeing your kid..
    So the court date came.. We went and the judge wouldn't even let Nathan talk.. Shannon said her side and that was it. She even controdicted what she said in the police report.. But the judge didn't care.. Mother is always right! Not this case.. So she was granted a year long restraining order..
    I get a knock at my door, it was the local police department looking for Nathan. Nathan gets up and talks to him and they tell them that Shannon had made a complaint saying that he contacted her.. Which was B/S.. He works 10 hour days.. So he doesn't have time to contact her from work. It takes him a half a hour to get home and there has never been a time he was late.. Plus we have NO home phone or cell phone, so we couldn't of contacted her by that route either..
    My question is WHAT CAN WE/HE DO? I'm tired of all the drama.. He is at risk to loose his job because of her..
    We live in Iowa

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    Default Re: False Allegations and Restraining Order

    Does he have a lawyer yet? If not, help him get one.

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    Default Re: False Allegations and Restraining Order

    We don't have enough money for a lawyer.. He is only getting half of his pay because of the child support and health benefits he pays..

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