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    Default Last Month's Rent and Security Deposit

    I've been in CA in a rent controlled apartment for over 6 years. When I moved in I paid 1st (1000.00), LAST (1000.00), DEPOSIT (500.00) and a fe pro-rated days for early-move-in.

    Since then, we have gotten a new landlord (one guy for the first 5.5 and another for the last year)...the new guy had us sign a new lease but I still have a copy of what I originally paid.

    I'm planning on giving notice to vacate this coming Oct. 1 but it will most likely be a few days over 30 days OR as much as 60 (i'll know this BEFORE I give notice). How do I deal with paying rent? Also, the rent has increased by $50/month since my deposit. So should I state in the letter that I am not paying the last month's rent because it was done so upon move-in but I WILL pay the $50 difference PLUS the pro-rated days for the overlap into the next month, etc? AND just pay it all up front?

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    Default Re: also....

    I just don't want the new guy to think my deposit is $1500.00 and not the $500.00 that is truly is. What if anything, is my LL legally allowed to deduct? A cleaning fee? He was not here to see the condition upon my move in and I have a feeling he'll make stuff up...this just based on his character thus far. AM I supposed to ask him for an itemized list for the deduction will be used for? (cleaning, etc.) Can I have the apartment cleaned and issue him a receipt showing I did so or can he still charge for it?

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    Default Re: also....

    If your rent has increased, you should pay the difference in your last month's rent. Make clear in your letter what you are doing and why.

    Here's information on the refund of security deposits.

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    Default Re: Last Month's Rent and Security Deposit have posted the same question/situation in like three or four different places here. Those trying to help you are not going to have the patience to seach all over the forum to find the full story or the different versions!

    If it says deposit for last month's rent you must pay the difference. TECHNICALLY if it says last month PERIOD the difference is not owed..but in YOUR boat..I WOULD pay it given the rest of the story....

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