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    Default Police Report Error, Now Claim Denied

    My tool truck was stolen from my house in later June, when I reported it to the police the next day. I told them I have had some problems with the alarm and obviously it wasn't working becasue it didn't go off when it was stolen. But I had turned it on. I also stated I was worried that the insurance company wouldn't cover it. He put all that in but didn't mention the part about me "turning it on" in the report. There were a few other things that I never said like 25% percent missing (once truck was found- reporting cop wasn't even there at the time) which I never said and was more like 90%. Also some checks being recovered when they were never stolen.
    Last week my insurance company denied my claim, saying the alarm wasn't working.
    I have gotten paperwork from the stereo place stating I had been there 3times trying to fix this and have spoken to the cop asking if he would help me in this issue and that he must have misunderstood what I was saying and he just accused me of trying to blame him for the claim denial.
    When we got the police report they didn't even hide the perps name and address so now we know who they think did it, but they closed the case.

    Does anyone have any advice on this ? Please help we can't afford to lose $50,000 worth of tools are business and everything else. Do we have a case ? Should we see a lawyer ?

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    Default Re: Police Report Error, Now Claim Denied

    Your alarm is not required to be working, in order to have a valid claim. When you receive the denial letter in the mail, please provide the EXACT reason for the claim denial.

    You can *try* to get the police report amended. Speak to the police officer who wrote the report.

    This appears to be a vehicle used for work. Is this a commercial or personal auto policy? The tools inside - were they covered by an insurance policy?
    Many details are missing.

    And, what state is this?

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    Default Re: Police Report Error, Now Claim Denied

    We're in Oregon, the policy we have covers the truck and the the tools inside. The truck was recovered less than 24 hours later not much damage less than 2K which was covered and we got the money right away. The insurance company hasn't contacted us yet. They contacted Mac Tools Headquarters who my husband works for and let them know the claim was denied, an insurance specialist is working on it there too. But after reading the police report it isn't looking good.
    We went to speak to the police and he said he wouldn't change it and asked if we're trying to blame him for being denied. I called the chief of police today trying to get it fixed. He would talk to the cop once he returned to work Monday.
    Oh one thing I forgot to mention there was a spare set of keys in the truck hidden in one of the many drawers, that is how they stole it. in the police report it doesn't say they were hidden.
    Do you think we should get a lawyer ?

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    Default Re: Police Report Error, Now Claim Denied

    Is this a commercial policy? What type of auto policy is this, that it covers both the truck and the tools inside?

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    Default Re: Police Report Error, Now Claim Denied

    Was the denial premised upon the fact that the keys had been left in the vehicle?

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    Default Re: Police Report Error, Now Claim Denied

    We haven't gotten anything in paper yet, we were told it was the alarm.
    The policy covers the truck and the cargo.
    After reading through the policy last night it says alarm must be in working order. We knew there were problems with it since the alarm occasionally chirps at night but we thought it was armed and would still go off ( this wasn't mentioned in the report.) This is what the police report says " ...he made an appointment for Monday or Tuesday to get his vehicle alarm fixed and that it wasn't working at the time of the theft. He also expressed some concern the insurance company would not cover the theft since the alarm wasn't actively working at the time."

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