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    Default Revoked in Michigan, Trying to Get a Licensed in Illinois.

    I have a revoked license in michigan, 2 dui's within seven years. Illinois will not issue me a license until I clear the revoked hold that michigan has on my license. The only way to get the hold clear is to request an of state hearing with the DLAD board of michigan. Here is where it gets tricky, there is a lot of red tape that has to be presented in front of the DLAD board. The board has the right to request you a restricted license or a full license. Most in-state driver's that go up in front of this board with every thing that is requested of them and more, usually only end up receiving a restricted license. The restricted license comes with the stipulation that an ingnition interlock system must be placed on your car for no less than one year. After that year the system comes off, but full driving priveleges are not restored, you have to request another hearing in front of the board, the exact process as the first one.

    Now here is my frustrastion or question. Say I go up in front of this board with everthing that is requested of and me plus more and only receive a restricted license. Illinois does not reconize a restricted license from any state to drive legally, so the process is useless to me to drive in illinois for at least another year. I will need to receive a full license. And not only that, I would have to purchase a car, insure it and put an ignition interlock system on my car that would also have to be registered in michigan if I only receive the restricted. I can not do any of the things requested of me for the restricted license because I am an Illinois resident. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF I HAVE THE OUTCOME RIGHT FOR MY SITUATION IF THE DLAD BOARD ONLY REQUESTS ME TO RECEIVE A RESTRICTED LICENSE FROM THE OUT OF STATE HEARING.

    Thank yo very much for reading.

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    Default Re: Revoked in Michigan, Trying to Get a Licensed in Illinois.

    If Illinois won't recognize a Michigan restricted license, and it will take you another year to get a full license... as they say, "Them's the breaks."

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