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    Default Can't Get A Job Due To Theft Record


    I was convicted of Petit Larceny almost 6 years ago for stealing a six pack of beer when I was 20. I had a public defender and he told me the DA agreed to let me go with a small fine in excange for pleading guilty to Petit Larceny. Sounded like a good idea at the time...

    Well siince then It has cost me numerous jobs. I was unable to join the NYPD because they would not hire anyone with a conviction for theft (moral character). The Sgt. I talked to in the recruiting office brought up a good point, my crime did not put anyones life in danger whereas someone convicted of DWI could have easily killed someone but is eligale to be hired.

    It has cost me other jobs that I will not get into... Recently though I found out that I cannot even get a job as coach bus driver. Come on, I realize I made a mistake in the past I am not trying to make light of that... but how long should I have to pay for a dumb mistake!?!

    Since that misdemeanor I have not been in any trouble... I have not even gotten a speeding ticket. I would like to go back to school, but cannot afford it. Driving a coach bus is something I would love to do. Companies in my area will train me, and by doing this I will be able to afford to get back into college.

    I have aslo been at my past job fo 2 years and the one before that I was at for over a year (only reason I left is because it went out of business). I hope all this shows shows I am stable person.

    Am I eligable for an expengement or pardon? Is there a way to do this for cheap?

    Thanks in advace for your help.

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    Default Re: Stole a 6 pack of beer 6 years... now can't even get a job driving a bus!

    Have you applied for a certificate of relief from disabilities? (Details here.)

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