I really wish to adopt my step-son and would like to find out if this is possible in our circumstances.

Firstly a little background: My wife and I entered our relationship when my step-son was 9 months old and he is now 6. He has never seen his biological father (since 9 months old) and the father has not attempted to contact my wife or their son. In the divorce he received visitation and weekends etc. but has never exercised his rights. I.e. no contact, no birthday card or phone calls.... in fact he wishes to distance himself completely. The court ruled a minimal amount of child support which use to come infrequently and he ended up in jail for non payment (taken to court by another ex wife).

I believe he will give up his rights if nothing more than to avoid paying support. The problem is, whilst the biological father, my wife and step-son are US citizens - I am British. To further complicate the situation we are living in Norway.

Is it possible to adopt if, a) I am British and not American, and b) living outside of the US??

If not, what are the specific requirements?? in my circumstances. I am willing to give up my British citizenship if this means I can adopt my son.

Hope someone can help... thank you in advance.