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    Default Getting a Car Title Out of My Name

    State: Massachusetts

    I am currently divorced. When I was married we had 2 vehicles, both titled and registered in my name. As part of the divorce judgment (entered earlier this year), I was ordered to transfer the title of one of the vehicles over to my ex-wife. My ex-wife has this vehicle in her possession (she has had it for over 2 years). My ex-wife has the title to this vehicle in her possession (she has had it in her possession for over 2 years). I want nothing more than to have ownership of this vehicle officially turned over to my ex-wife, but my ex-wife refuses to register/title/insure the vehicle in her name. She is driving the vehicle using cancelled plates, without a valid registration or insurance. I have already had to go to Court for being the "Owner of an Unregistered Motor Vehicle" because she recently got pulled over by the State Police. (After viewing all of my documentation, the Court found me "not responsible"). From what I have been told, there are only 2 options for getting the title/ownership of the vehicle into my ex-wife's name:
    1) If she titles/registers/insures it in her name - which she refuses to do.
    2) If I can get a judge to order the Registry to switch the title over to my ex-wife.

    Is there any other way that I can get the Registry to transfer the title (and ownership) of this vehicle from my name to my ex-wife's name?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Getting a Car Title Out of My Name

    Either she does it, or a court orders it. I don't know of a third way.

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