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    Question Rent Increase

    My husband is in the Army. We were put up for recruiting upon his return from Iraq this year. We decided to rent an apt. (it's actually a duplex) instead of buy.

    The add we responded to said it was a 3 bedroom 1 bath all new appliances apt. but the add didn't have a price for the rent, but we assumed it couldn't be that bad considering the area (it's in a very small town in the middle of no where, mi). After looking at the apt....sure it was 3 bedrooms and 1 bath (small...very small rooms) but the appliances were soooooo not new. They were very very used. But we had no other option really at the time bc there wasn't really anything else available on such short notice.

    The landlord and the realtor that he had help him with the apt. showings were all too eager for us to rent the apt. They knew that we are in the military and the military gives us B.A.H. (an allotted amount to pay our rent and utilities). And they knew they could obviously get their money.

    They said that if we gave them $550 deposit and then $550 for the first months rent then we could go ahead and have it bc they knew that the military was giving us money for the rent.

    Though upon talking to our neighbor in the other apt. (who mind you pays the same amount we do, but her side is 3 times bigger and not to mention she gets the run of the property, plus the garage and access to the basement) she informed us that when they found out that the govt. basically pays our rent, the landlord decided to jack it up on us. And it was initially waaaaay cheaper.

    Should I bring this subject up with our landlord or just leave it be?

    Since I've found this out we've had water problems. There's free flowing water coming out from an abandoned property next to ours, which has flooded our yard, driveway, the lot on the other side of us and is running down town. The city came out and said it's our landlords problem, the landlord says it's the city's problem and wants myself and my neighbor to deal with it. Either way, no one is dealing with the water, the whole yard is flooded and can't be used, it's also extremely muddy, the water smells, and is moldy, and it's drawing bugs. And now the water in our apt is starting to smell.

    I've called the Health Dept. and they have not returned my call yet. Should I follow through on this and call the Housing Commission?

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    Your landlord doesn't have to offer you the same rate of rent offered to other tenants. You negotiate your rent independently. If you don't like the rate, at the end of the lease you can either negotiate a new rate or seek other premises. (If this is a month-to-month tenancy, you can negotiate a new rate starting after the next full rental period, or sooner if your landlord is willing. But your landlord can also say "no".)

    I don't know what the city expects your landlord to do about the water problem if it originates on somebody else's land. It does sound like it is reaching a point where it is a potential health hazard, and your landlord really should take charge of getting it resolved.

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    thanks for your input

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