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    Default I-94 is Expiring, but H1B is Still Valid

    Please help!

    I have a situation that my I-94 is going to expired in less than a week. I haven't filed the extension yet and the lawyer said they cannot do it before my I-94 is expired. The reason that I got an expiration date on my current I-94 was because when i entered US, my passport was going to expired. Now i have got it renewed.

    If I go out of US before my I-94 expiration date, and then re-enter (my H1B visa is still valid til sep next year) with my new passport, would I get a new I-94 with no problem?


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    Default Re: I-94 is Expiring, but H1B is Still Valid

    If your H-1B is valid beyond your I-94, and that's the reason your I-94 is expiring, I would not expect you to have problems getting a new I-94 at a port of entry. (But I don't know the full facts of your situation, other than the few sentences you have shared, so I can only speak to probabilities.)

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